Northern Prairie Community Clinic (NPCC) Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Program

Looking to expand your DBT practice?

NPCC DBT has been providing group skills training and individual DBT for adults since March 2022. We are the only outpatient provider of group DBT for adults in the entire state of North Dakota!

Since March 2022 NPCC DBT has provided group DBT to the Grand Forks, ND region via in-person and telehealth. The program has operated via 2-3 student providers who are completing a practicum rotation via the University of North Dakota clinical psychology program under the supervision of faculty member and licensed psychologist RaeAnn E. Anderson. In this brief time our team has:

  • Served 14 adults who have completed the entire program
  • Completed 3 specialty evaluations
  • Completed 5 additional intakes with adults or teens who started the intake process but did not complete the program for various reasons.
  • We have purposefully not advertised our services given our small clinician team and abundance of clients on the waitlist for individual DBT.
  • We currently have 9 patients across in person and telehealth groups and a small waitlist for individual DBT.
  • There is a steady referral stream from local providers that is continuing to expand.

Dr. Anderson is moving and looking for someone to takeover the program.

The program could continue to operate similarly or could be turned into a private practice with NPCC charging 40% overhead to manage scheduling and billing.

Dr. Anderson is willing to provide training to reach basic competencies in DBT and consultation to transition the clinic to a new director/supervising provider. Dr. Anderson has trained 11 students and 40+ community members in DBT to grow the community of practice in North Dakota.

Please contact Dr. Anderson at raeann.anderson@und.edu or 701-777-6824 for more information.


Chambers & Blohm Psychological Services looking for multiple positions (located in Bismarck, ND)




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