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2023 Bills Enacted by ND Legislature

Posted 3/25/24 (Mon)

House Bill No. 1050 updates statutory references to replace "substance abuse" with "substance use disorder"and allows DHHS to use registered mail, personal delivery, or email to provide required written notice of license suspension or revocation of a license to operate a substance use disorder treatment program.

House Bill No. 1312 extends through June 30, 2027, the power of DHHS to provide resources on mental health awareness and suicide prevention to public and nonpublic schools.

Senate Bill No. 2077 authorizes DHHS to administer, develop, and implement a gambling disorder prevention, awareness, crisis intervention, rehabilitation, and treatment services program, instead of contracting with a qualified treatment service provider to provide these services.

Senate Bill No. 2086 directs DHHS to adopt rules for an evidence-based alcohol and drug education program certification and expands who is eligible to participate in the department's alcohol and drug education program to include individuals over the age of 21 and individuals who have violated the law regarding driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any other drug or substance, or regarding possession of marijuana.


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