NDPA 2023 Fall Conference still IN PERSON!!

SAVE the DATES - October 19-20 Thursday-Friday!! - FARGO, ND

An In-Person Event Hosted by the North Dakota Psychological Association

LOCATION: Four Point by Sheraton by Medical Center - Fargo  NDPA Block of rooms are reserved

       Call:  701-364-0000

Conference Days 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Conference Agenda is here for downloading!!

Dr. Abigail Tolland - Collaborative Autism Therapy 

Dr. Catherine Yeager – Issues in Autism and Diagnostics

Dr. Renae Reinardy – Exploring Effective Tx of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

Dr. Renae Reinardy – Contemporary Practices in Tx of Hair Pulling, Skin Picking, Nail Biting and Other Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors

Dr. Jon Ulven – The Current State of Suicide Prevention

Sanford Internship Intern Experiences with Supervision and Ethical Considerations

Graduate Student Brief Presentations/Poster Sessions

Panel Discussion:  ASD and Differential Diagnoses

Exploration: Autism Mandatory Reporting Database

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Conference Description

Topics include:  ASD Diagnosis and Therapy, OCD, Supervision and a variety of Brief Presentation Topics!!

Looking forward to SEEING YOU!.  More important - seeing one another, colleagues to put a FACE to a NAME, and build and re-build professional networks.

* These courses fulfill CE requirements for ND, but may not fulfill requirements of all jurisdictions. It is important that potential participants review the requirsements of their respective state licensing boards prior to registering for this conference.